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Scottish Whisky Cask Ring New for Spring 2017

A lovely new design winging its way around the world,

it seems our Scottish whisky cask ring has really struck a chord with those with Caledonian connections or possibly a fondness for the finer malt.

rings made from whisky cask
The staves of the cask are the long curved sections of Oak which are held together by the steel
hoops forming the distinctive barrel shape. Infused with decades of maturing whisky, the Oak emits
a wonderful aroma whilst being carved and once the darkened outer layers are removed a
beautiful golden patina is revealed.

carving whisky cask oak
We use a combination of methods to manufacture this ring ensuring the maximum strength is
attained, from a parallel outer section combined with a cross directional internal liner.
We are able to make this ring to up to Z+2 sizes

A lovely way to stay connected to the Old Country

Scottish landscape

Looking down Loch Tummel at The Queens View


Celebrate a Spring Wedding

What better way to get close to nature at this wonderful time of year....


Wooden Promise Rings

Quick history of a promise ring


400 Years In The Making

Wooden rings made from Burr Elm


Scottish Oak wooden ring - feature for May 2013

Just imagine standing under a majestic Oak tree somewhere in the British countryside and then glancing at your golden Oak wooden ring on your finger and experiencing the warmth of wood and your own very special connection with nature.


Find Out The latest News And Offers On Our Wooden Rings

Showcasing our unique woodcraft through social media


Celtic Wooden Wedding Ring

New for October 2012 a beautiful addition to our range of wood rings


Now Accepting International Orders For Our Wooden Rings

Working closely with Paypal and with our user-friendly ordering process we are able to ship our wooden rings worldwide.


Welcome to The Wood Hut Wooden Rings brand new website!


A Perfect Marriage Of Wood And Gemstone

Wooden Engagement Rings Inset With Precious Stones a beautiful combination.


Thought of a Wooden Ring for Valentine's Day?

Our wooden rings make the perfect gift for Valentines Day


Wooden Engagement Rings A Natural Commitment

Our wooden engagement rings connect you with nature


New for February 2013

One of Britain's most loved native woods


Bentwood Rings With A Nautical History

Bentwood rings handcrafted from a Mahogany Ship's door


New for March 2013

Introducing our new Walnut Wood Ring - handcrafted from windfall Scottish Walnut.


Strength and Durability of Wooden Rings

Wooden Rings Care


New for July

Our new Holly and Shetland Sand wooden ring


Wooden Rings New for November 2012

We are delighted to add to new products to our range of handcrafted wooden rings and hand crafted wooden ring boxes.


Romantic 5th wedding anniversary wooden gifts October 2014

Our wooden gifts are perfect for your special occasion


Wooden Rings Vouchers

Our wooden rings vouchers are perfect for a fifth wedding anniversary, unique wooden Christmas gift or unusual wooden birthday present.


5th wedding anniversary gift ideas

If you are looking for a 5th wedding anniversary gift we have some beautiful wooden rings to suit this special occasion


News for May 2013

Introducing our new Silver Birch wooden ring - handcrafted from eco-responsibly sourced Scottish Silver Birch.


Up To Date Wooden Ring News For Autumn 2015

Capture a moment in time, check out some new inlays and be inspired by Scotland's beautiful scenery


Personalisation of our handcrafted wooden rings

We want to help you add the finishing touch to your special wooden gift.


Thought Of A Wooden Ring For A Christmas Gift?

Charming wooden gifts for Christmas 2014


Wooden rings inlaid with sand from your favourite beach

We can keep your memories alive and close to you by inlaying sand from your favourite beach into one of our wonderful wooden rings.


Bog Oak Rings

Wooden rings made from ancient Irish Bog Oak


5th wedding anniversary wooden rings

Beautiful handcrafted wooden rings for a 5th wedding anniversary


See what’s new from The Wood Hut summer 2016

Wedding rings with Lapis Lazuli gemstone to the USA, 5th Anniversary ring on its way to New Zealand, 5000 year old Irish wood engagement ring and a storm battered Larch tree ring.


Christmas Closure dates 2012

Please note that our workshop will be closed from Friday 21st December 2012 to Thursday 10th January 2013 inclusive.


Custom wooden rings - May 2014

Let us help you create a unique design of wooden ring to suit your special occasion.


February 2016 News From The Wooden Rings Workshop

New Ebony and Oak wooden rings, custom designs, worldwide shipping and workshop maintenance dates


January 2014 - our tenth year of making wooden rings

Welcome to The Wood Hut wooden rings website and happy 2014!



'Handfasting' is an ancient ceremony of promise or betrothal and commitment.


5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

New for Autumn, Fall 2013 - fifth Wedding Anniversary


5th Wedding Anniversary Traditional Gift Of Wood

Brief history of 5th wedding anniversary


Propose This Year With A Wooden Ring

2016 is a Leap Year, so why not pop the question with a beautiful wooden ring.


Wooden Jewellery

Wooden Jewellery if you love wood why not wear it